CSI Advising Guide



Department Advising Assignments

GraduationEvery degree-seeking student at CSI is assigned a major advisor as part of the student's educational endeavors. The major advisor, which is assigned by the department chair, will be provided advising training and resources in a timely fashion to carry out advising responsibilities. During in-service time periods, faculty members within the department may also be assigned advising responsibilities as deemed appropriate by the department chair.
Department program advising responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • college, department, and developmental advising mission awareness
  • advisee and major advisor shared responsibilities
  • advisor preparation tools
  • CSI admission procedures
  • placement information
  • degree/certificate knowledge
  • evaluation of student advising needs
  • advising best practices
  • transfer and graduation procedures
  • general financial aid

For more information regarding faculty advising, contact your department chair and review the Faculty Handbook each semester for procedural updates.