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A CSI Advising program designed to give students an early warning if there is unsatisfactory progress in any of their classes.

The PASS program has been developed to enhance the advising process by providing CSI students with an early alert system for academic progress problems. This program stresses student success at CSI through a joint partnership with the three major components of advising on our campus: the student, the advisor, and the instructor.

While it is the student’s responsibility to maintain satisfactory progress, it is the purpose of the PASS Program to promote student success through educational advisement, realistic goal planning, availability of accurate and timely information, and encouraging the use of the problem solving process.

Advising is far more than simply selecting classes and registering. It is vital in the growth and development of each student.

The PASS program encourages students to become more aware of the resources available to them and how to use those resources, thereby increasing the probability of success and retention.

PASS Program Contact Information

PASS Program Coordinator: Catrina Chapple
E-mail: cchapple@csi.edu
Phone: 732-6253
Office Location: Advising Center (Main floor of the Taylor Building in the Matrix Center College of Southern Idaho)

Frequently Asked Questions about PASS

What is the PASS Program?

PASS stands for Positive Action for Student Success. It is part of the overall advising program at CSI and is designed to give students an early warning if there is unsatisfactory progress in any of their classes.

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How did I get identified for PASS?

If a concern is identified about your progress in a class you are taking, the instructor enters the student's name in the PASS program. The student is then sent a notification to their CSI EagleMail account that directs them to visit with the instructor in order to discuss concerns associated with student progress.

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Who do I contact if I get a letter from PASS?

Your first and most important contact is with the instructor who referred you to the PASS Program. Their name and how and where to contact them is included in the letter you received.

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Who is my advisor?

If you have a major, each program has an advisor or advisors assigned to help you. If you do not know who they are, go to the Advising Center in the Taylor Building, Matrix area and they will give you their name and their office location. If you are still deciding about a major or are a Liberal Arts major, the Advising Center can assist you. Just drop in when you can, we are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. The phone number is (208)732-6250.

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Is a PASS Program referral placed on my permanent record?

No, this is not a grade. This is just an early warning to alert you to a teacher’s concern and to encourage you to use the resources available on campus.

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Does getting a PASS referral mean that I am failing?

No, again this is not a grade. The whole idea behind this program is to help you maintain passing grades throughout the semester.

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What can I do if I need help in my class?

First, you need to talk to your instructor. That meeting will include planning to address the concerns that brought you to your instructor's attention. Campus resources will be a part of that discussion and planning. The Advising Center is always a resource for planning and problem solving too.

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Where do I get tutoring?

Tutoring is a free service on our campus and it is available to all students. The tutoring program is located in the Academic Development Center on the 2nd floor of the Meyerhoeffer Library. Please contact Kat Powell at 732-6685 or kpowell@csi.edu.

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How do I wtihdraw from a class?

You can withdraw from a class by completing an “Add/Drop/Withdraw Form” and turning it in to the Records Office for processing. No teacher signature is needed but it is suggested that you talk to the instructor before withdrawing from a course to discuss any other options that might be helpful. Students are also able to withdraw from a course by sending an email from your CSI EagleMail account to the Admissions and Records Office at records@csi.edu. Make sure to include your student ID number, the course and section number in your email.

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