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"Collaborative Partnership Championing the Cause for Student Success"

About the SMART Program

Alongside the PASS (Positive Action for Student Success) program, the SMART program provides comprehensive referral support throughout the semester. Unlike its PASS sister companion, which provides an “early alert” system for students who are experiencing classroom problems that may affect their overall class success, the SMART program aims at contacting students who may need a “wake-up” alert in making scholastic decisions before it’s too late in the semester. These “wake-up” red flags may arise from a broad spectrum of issues: attendance, coursework, classroom behavior, and other factors impeding student success at CSI.

The intent of this "late alert" program is to develop positive student/teacher communication in an effort to map out a course of action for student achievement and success, before the last day to withdraw.

SMART Program Contact Information

At CSI, we are interested in providing comprehensive referral support for student success. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the SMART program, please contact the Advising Center, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

SMART Program Coordinator: Scott Lindquist
E-mail: slindquist@csi.edu
Phone: 732-6252
Office Location: Advising Center (Main floor of the Taylor Building in the Matrix Center College of Southern Idaho)

Frequently Asked Questions about SMART

Why Should I Take Time From My Schedule To Learn About SMART?

The following feedback represents some of the student, faculty, and advising experiences as a result of utilizing the SMART program:

  • Opportunities to develop positive student/teacher relationships
  • Awareness to possible scholastic red flags arising throughout the semester
  • An array of contact resources to promote and retain student success
  • Acknowledgement of critical instructional calendar dates to make informed choices
  • Improvement in academic student persistence and an increase in student achievement

Based on the positive experiences listed above, the SMART program has made an enormous difference in the lives of CSI students.

Now That SMART Has My Attention, How Do Students Get Identified?

If a concern is identified in a student’s course, the instructor enters the student’s name in the SMART program. The student is then sent a notification via their CSI Eaglemail account that directs them to visit with the instructor in order to discuss concerns associated with student progress.

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When a Student Receives a SMART Letter, What’s the Next Step?

The most crucial step is to contact the instructor who referred the student into the SMART program. In the referral letter, the instructor’s name, location, and contact information is provided.

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If a Student Receives a SMART Letter, Is That the Same as Failing?

The SMART letter is in NO way, shape, or form a grade. The intention of the SMART program is to provide students referral support in order to achieve success each semester.

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Will the SMART Letter be Included in a Student’s Permanent Record?

The SMART Letter will NOT be included in any official student record or archive. The SMART letter focuses on informing students that an instructor has concerns regarding student progress in a specific course. The Advising Center, however, will keep a record on file for faculty verification.

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How Does a Student Seek Help Once the SMART Referral is Made?

The first step is to discuss your classroom situation with your instructor. In this discussion, the student and instructor will map out a course of action which is in the best interest of the student, before the last day to drop. Then, depending on the student’s situation, he/she may be referred to campus support resources such as tutoring, library facilities, advising, etc.

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How Does a Student Withdraw From a Course After Meeting With an Instructor?

If the course of action is to withdraw from a class, after meeting with the classroom instructor, the student will need to complete an “add/drop/withdraw form” and turn it into the Office of the Registrar for processing. Students may also use their CSI Eaglemail account and email the Office of the Registar at records@csi.edu. Be sure to provide your CSI student ID number, the specific course and section number of the class you wish to withdraw from.

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