Academic Coaches


Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is a unique service provided by an academic coach to assist individuals in reading their educational potential.  This service proves helpful as it enhances structure and accountability while providing new study strategies, better organization and time management skills, and general moral support.  This service is not generally for help in specific subject content (such as math or tutoring of a specific subject), but will address areas from the following list, depending on the needs of the student.

  • General academic advising
  • Prioritizing
  • Instructor expectations
  • Study & test-taking skills
  • Time & stress management
  • Test preparation
  • Learning styles
  • Accountability
  • Problem solving
  • Self-advocacy
  • Planning/anticipating

Students meet with coaches one-on-one, setting goals for the semester while developing the skills to achieve those goals in the most efficient manner.  Coaches provide skills training based on the needs of each individual student and refer students to student support services when needed.

How it works:

  1. Intake interview scheduled with an Academic Coach
  2. Academic Coach meets with the student 2-3 times per semester
    • During meetings, students discuss goals with their coach and problem solve together to meet these goals.
    • A file is maintained to record semester goals and an assessment of how well they were met.  Also included in this file are student's schedule and/or copy of his or her syllabi to assist the coach and student in setting weekly goals and to maintain accountability.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Academic Coaching?

An Academic Coach uses assessment, referrals, accountability, and other methods to assist students in reaching their educational and personal potential.

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How can an Academic Coach help me?

Academic Coaches work one-on-one with each student in order to identify individual needs, strengths, and concerns. Here are some of the areas that may be addressed:

  • Academic advising
  • Prioritization and organization
  • Study and test-taking skills
  • Time management
  • Goal setting
  • Problem solving and accountability
  • Self-advocacy
  • Learning styles


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What will an appointment with an Academic Coach consist of?

Academic Coaching sessions may include:

  • Self-assessments
  • Academic advising
  • Goal identification
  • Referrals (on or off-campus as needed)
  • Follow-up

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How do students access Academic Coaches?

Academic Coaches are available year-round and can be contacted in person, by email, or by phone. Students may be referred to an Academic Coach through any of the following:

  • Placement testing
  • Student Success Plan
  • Transition Coordinators
  • Instructors
  • Walk-ins or appointments
  • GED program
  • Admissions Office

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