CSI Advising Guide


Evaluation of Advisee Needs

InstructorNow that you are comfortable with advising preparation, advising skills, and degree/certificate knowledge, it is time to consider the advisee’s educational needs. Each advisee will have a varying degree of need depending on their prospective, current, or transfer admission status. Thus, keep an open mind and listen throughout the advising evaluation process. The following questions will provide answers as you construct the advisee’s educational plan.

Ask questions

  • What is the advisee’s declared major? Are you the assigned advisor?
  • What career path is the advisee considering? Does the career path match the declared major?
  • Has the advisee met appropriate placement guidelines?
  • Does the advisee need to take all or part of the placement assessment?
  • If the advisee has transfer college credits, or completed dual credits, do these credits satisfy degree requirements?
  • Does the degree require college-level electives? If so, are they program electives or any college-level credits?
  • What semester credit load has been successful in the past?
  • After the advisee selects a manageable credit load, how long will it take him or her to complete degree requirements?

Career Development

The Career Center offers a variety of career resources and exploration options to assist students that are undecided about their career goals.

Planning a schedule

Once you discuss and evaluate advising needs, show your advisees how to set up a schedule based on course availability. Don't forget to direct advisees to the weekly planning schedule.