CSI Advising Guide



General Financial Aid

In addition to student advising questions, students will often ask about Financial Aid and Scholarships availability. Thus we encourage all faculty advisors to become familiar with the basics of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Here are some good “rule of thumb” guidelines that will assist in answering student questions.

  • Students should take advantage of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This type of aid provides PELL Grant, various student loan opportunities, and Work-Study opportunities.
  • Students can also apply for CSI Scholarships at no cost. Through the Scholarship Office, students are matched with scholarship funds that are both local and state wide.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

What is SAP…???
U.S. Department of Education regulations require Title IV higher education institutions to implement Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies that meet the requirements detailed in the regulations. Institutions must establish standards for SAP that measure a student’s progress toward degree completion using both qualitative and quantitative measures. The federal legislation/regulations clarify and strengthen these requirements.

What does this means to me…???
All students seeking initial or continued federal financial aid eligibility must establish, meet, and maintain all three minimum SAP standards. The SAP standards are evaluated and students are notified of their current SAP standing at the conclusion of each period of enrollment. The three policy standards are:

  • Maximum Timeframe—Complete your degree within 150% of the published number of credit hours in your declared major
  • Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA)—Maintain at least a 2.0 CSI cumulative GPA
  • Minimum Completion Rate—Maintain a 67% college-level credit completion rate

What are the consequences if I do not meet all three SAP standards…???
Failing to meet at least one of these standards will result in SAP Warning, and if you are unable to get back to Good Standing the next period of enrollment (i.e. meet all three SAP standards), you will be placed on SAP Suspension. Students placed on Suspension are no longer eligible for Federal Financial Aid. You will only be re-instated for federal financial aid eligibility consideration through a submitted appeal that specifically addresses documented extenuating circumstances. Students with accepted appeals will be required to meet specific conditions such as follow an approved academic plan. If a SAP review makes it clear that a student cannot mathematically finish his/her declared degree/certificate program within the maximum timeframe, the student is
placed on Suspension; there will be no Warning period.

So what can I do to ensure that I stay in SAP Good Standing…???
We recommend that you follow these guidelines, which will allow you to complete your degree/certificate within a reasonable amount of time.

  • Drop courses during the first week to help eliminate unwanted “W”s
    (attempted credits).
  • Take a reasonable credit load to ensure you successfully complete as many credits as you attempt.
  • Don’t withdraw from courses.
  • Earn good grades (don’t fail courses).
  • Take courses that are required or count toward your declared major so that
    you can complete your program in the timeframe allowed.

Contact CSI Financial Aid to help answer your financial aid questions and concerns.