CSI Advising Guide



Grow the Advising Relationship

Now that you have completed the Advising Guide overview, the advising relationship will continue to grow beyond the first advising contact. Advisees will seek out your expertise and advice throughout their studies and may even consult with you after transferring to another institution or once they enter the workplace. Keep the items below in mind as the advising relationship dynamics evolve: 

Toward Graduation

  • Highlight your completion plans/checklists. The outline will provide a visual so that advisees can plan accordingly through graduation.
  • Advisees should review their graduation audit every semester to ensure proper course planning.
  • Don’t forget to remind advisees to apply for graduation online. This should be done within the first week of their last semester.                              

Toward Transfer

  • Refer advisees to the CSI Transfer Guide for information related to the transfer process. The Transfer Guide includes links to regionally accredited colleges and universities; a calendar of transfer events and a checklist for transfer process.  It is important to remind advisees that it is never too early to start thinking about the transfer process.
  • Refer advisees to attend scheduled "Transfer Days" and campus visits by four year schools which are held in the Student Union Building, inside the Taylor Administration Building. "Transfer Days" are a time when in-state and out-of-state student service representatives and faculty members assist students with their transfer inquiries. You too, should be actively involved in these events, so that you can receive updates and meet department counterparts.
  • The online Calendar of Transfer Events will have a complete listing of dates and times of different transfer events.

Toward Employment

  • If your advisees are in programs that are intended to enter the workforce after completing their CSI degree, be sure to provide potential employer contact information.
  • Advisees should be directed to the Career Center for assistance with resume tips and job-seeking skills workshops.