CSI Advising Guide


Advisor Preparation Tools

Along with being a responsible advisor, you should be prepared, in advance, so that you can be accessible to advisees and have the proper tools to be an effective advisor. The tools below will compliment sound advising practices.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar includes important instructional dates which occur throughout the year such as registration, tuition, observed holidays, and end of term dates. 

Office Hours

Faculty office hours are used on a daily basis by students and staff as a way to contact you. Therefore, it is critical that you maintain current office hours. The campus directory link displays your current contact information and office hour schedule.  Please review your directory information and make changes as needed.

First Year Advisor

The First Year Advisor contains helpful strategies, contact information, and important enrollment resources that will guide you in the right direction for college success.


The CSI Catalog contains information regarding policies and procedures, admissions, program offerings, degree requirements, course descriptions, and student life activities.

MyCSI Major Advisors Tab

MyCSIAs an advisor, you will have access to student information electronically through MyCSI, which will help you advise. The major advisors tab will allow you to officially accept students into your major, review individual placement scores, access to your advisee's graduation audit, and much more!

CSI Webmail

CSI Webmail is the primary means of written communication for students. Thus, it is imperative that you know how to access and utilize the email account system.


Canvas is the official course management system used at CSI. Instructors can post lecture notes, grades, helpful links, and give students access to discussion forums. Please note: Some departments utilize other course management systems. See your department chair for more information.


Completion Plans/Checklists

Advisees should be taught how to interpret and locate completion plans/checklists online. Please be aware that the completion plans/checklists are a reflection of the catalog and are developed to enhance the advising experience.

Reading a Degree Audit

The Office of the Registrar provides graduation audits for students to utilize as part of their official graduation progress. This graduation audit document illustrates important information you should know about when reading a degree audit.

FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

FERPA protects the privacy of student education records. Therefore, access to        student post-secondary records at CSI are restricted. Visit the FERPA website for more information.

Academic Standing Policy

The Academic Standing Policy describes the four academic statuses which are  based on CSI Grade Point Average (GPA). Good Standing, Academic Warning, Academic Probation and Academic Suspension.  Students placed on Probation Status are subject to participation in the Student Academic Success Plan (SASP) program. The program is primarily aimed at repairing students’ academic record and guiding them back to a minimum cumulative 2.00 CSI GPA.

Veterans Services

Students who are attending CSI and are eligible to receive Veteran Affairs (VA)           educational benefits are required to follow certain protocol procedures. The CSI VA webpage is a valuable resource that you and your Veteran advisees should review on a frequent basis.

Course Placement Release Referral

When a student pursues enrolling outside of his/her placement scores, the College requires major advisors to complete the course placement referral form. The referral process provides students the right to visit with a department contact and enroll in the desired course.

Alert Retention Program

The alert program is designed to give students an early warning if there is unsatisfactory progress in any of their classes and the instructor has some concerns, such as low test scores, missing assignments, and absenteeism. The program is also meant to develop positive student/teacher communication in an effort to map out a course of action for student achievement and success, before the last day to withdraw.

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