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Our Mission

The mission of the Advising Center, in partnership with faculty and staff, is to provide educational planning resources and advising support services to student advisees and the College community, which foster the development of responsibility and decision-making skills needed to achieve degree and life-long goals.

Welcome to Advising

Education DayWelcome to CSI, a regionally and nationally recognized progressive comprehensive community college. As a member of the faculty advising department, our office would like you to take time to explore the "Advising Guide", which provides up-to-date information and resources fundamental toward becoming a well informed and knowledgeable advisor. The Advising Guide, is by design, assembled to address advisee and advisor responsibilities that have been recognized by students, faculty, staff, and administration as vital advising topics necessary to excel and realize short-term and life-long goals at CSI.

The Advising Center could not hope to address each and every question or issue at hand that an advisor might encounter in this guide; however, as the title of this online document indicates, we have made diligent efforts to "map out and provide guidance" in the direction of the many situations and experiences an advisor may encounter during advising interactions with our prospective, current, and returning advisees. Topics contained in the guide include:

  • developmental advising resources
  • department advising assignments
  • shared responsibilities between advisees and advisors
  • advising preparation
  • CSI admission procedures
  • advising skills
  • evaluation of advisee needs
  • best practices in advising
  • teaching your advisees
  • growing the advising relationship
  • general financial aid

This electronic text will be periodically updated and faculty will be informed of these specific changes through the Advising Center. The Advising Guide will not be available in a hard copy format so remember to bookmark this site on your computer. As always, contact the Advising Center and we will be glad to answer your questions.

P.S. Don't forget to complete the Advising Guide Assessment! Click on the Advising Guide Assessment link, located on the Table of Contents tab.

Happy Advising!