Alternative Credit



Credit by Examination (CBE)


The SAT assessment measures high school students' general educational development and their capability to complete college-level work. Certain SAT score level benchmarks allow students to gain CBE.

English (Critical Reading Score)


SAT Placement

Student must take
450-560 ENGL 101
570-690 ENGL 102 (101 credit)*
>700 Credit for ENGL 101 &102**

* Student must provide official evidence of SAT scores to receive credit for either ENGL 101 or ENGL 102.
** If credit is granted for both ENGL 101 & ENGL 102 by placement scores, the student is required to take ENGL 201 to receive either an A.A. or A.S. degree.

Students are able to transcript credits at 20% of CSI Idaho resident tuition costs for ENGL 101, 102 or both.