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Campus Resources

The following services are complimentary to the advising experience and will provide a wealth of resources. Depending on your educational needs, each of these services may be needed at different times.

Student Success Center International Student Services
Career & Counseling Services Student Disability Services
Classroom Instructors Student Health Services
Computer Lab Usage Testing Center
Health Sciences & Human Services Advising Veterans Services
Learning Assistance Center  

Student Success Center (SSC)

The Student Success Center (SSC), houses educational services which include placement testing, tutoring, and developmental courses in math, reading, writing, vocabulary, spelling, English as a Second Language (ESL), and study skills. Students interested in Adult Basic Education should also contact the SSC.

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Career & Counseling Services (CCS)

Career & Counseling Services (CCS), provides the community with resources for career exploration, successful job seeking, and test anxiety. In addition, personal counseling sessions are available to students. Visit the website for workshop information or call to make an appointment.

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Classroom Instructors

Instructors are the most important contact for answers to questions regarding the classroom syllabus, assignments, test information, grades, attendance, and tutoring services. Instructor’s contact information and office hours can be found on the faculty/staff directory.

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Computer Lab Usage

As a registered student, you will have privileges, where you can login to your student accounts, access the Internet, complete class assignments, and use your allotted print quota. If you are having issues utilizing the computers or accessing your accounts contact the helpdesk.

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Health Sciences and Human Services (HSHS) Advising

Students interested in HSHS programs should contact Rene Rambur for advising services. Many of these programs have additional admission requirements so it's important to visit with Rene as soon as possible.

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Learning Assistance Center (LAC)

The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) provides CSI students with educational support in certain areas of study. Drop-in tutoring, video taped instruction, math and English DVD's, study tables, and a computer lab are some of the services offered at no cost to students.

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International Student Services (ISS)

International Student Services (ISS), provides comprehensive referral support to multicultural and international students which includes peer mentoring, cultural events, college preparation, and club participation opportunities.

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Student Disability Services (SDS)

Student Disability Services (SDS), provides assistance to students with disabilities regarding equal access, accommodations, and general support. Please call SDS to schedule an appointment and to discuss where confidential documentation needs to be sent.

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Student Health Services(SHS)

Student Health Services(SHS), are offered through contract with Physicians Immediate Care.  Students who are currently enrolled in courses can receive help with basic health care needs.  Students must present their student ID with current term sticker to receive service.

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Testing Center

The Testing Center administers tests for placement, computer literacy, and some classroom related services. Be sure to check business hours as some tests require you start before the posted close time. A current student ID will be required for course exams and a valid photo ID will be required to check-in regarding placement and other tests.

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Veterans Services

The College of Southern Idaho provides Veterans Services for students needing assistance with the use of their educational benefits and planning.

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