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Have you attended and completed courses at CSI in the past? Are you currently enrolled in CSI courses? Well, you've come to the right area! The college experience for current students, when compared to new students, differs in some ways. The following topics will guide you on the right path to success every semester.

Getting Started Reminder Registering for Classes
Student Responsibilities Financing Your Education
Pre(co)requisite Information Learn, Grow, and Graduate!
Contacting Your Major Advisor Informational Links
Transfer Guide

Getting Started Reminder

In case you have forgotten or need a "refresher" relating to the enrollment process each semester, visit the Getting Started website. You will not need to complete every step indicated, but most are relevant as you continue your studies.

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Student and Advisor Responsibilities

Now that you are familiar with CSI, your college educational planning is a shared responsibility between you and your advisor(s). As you move forward each semester, doing your part will open doors of opportunity and develop your growth on campus.

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Prerequisite & Corequisite Information

As an incoming student you probably submitted placement scores during the registration process. Your degree curriculum includes specific prerequisite and corequisite standards necessary to progress in the direction of program completion. These standards can be located in the catalog. Your focused area advisor or major advisor can help explain and determine if you have met the prerequisite(s) and corequisite(s) for each course desired.

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Contacting Your Major Advisor

As a new student, the Advising Center may have been your first advising point of contact. Now that you are a current student, you have been assigned a major advisor who will help with appropriate course selection, review degree requirements, create a graduation plan, and serve as a referral source. Your major advisor's office hours and location can be found on the CSI Directory.

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Transfer Guide

If you are planning on transferring to a four-year college or university after you complete your CSI degree, it is never too early to start preparing. The Transfer Guide provides valuable information about the transfer process.

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Registering for Classes

After completing your continuous advising session with your focused area or major advisor, it's time to register for classes. Remember the "2:1 Rule" when planning your schedule. Most college courses require at least two hours of outside study for every hour in class. Current students entering their second semester or beyond are expected to register online using their MyCSl.

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Financing Your Education

By now you have gained an insight towards the cost of an education. Budgeting will become even more important as you reach closer to your educational goals here at CSI and beyond. Stay on top of any financial aid and scholarship opportunities that come your way. At the link below you can explore ways finance your education.

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Learn, Grow, and Graduate!

Now that you are nearing degree completion, we highly recommend that you check your Student Graduation Audit in MyCSI. This report allows you to view the requirements you have completed and plan for what you have left. Having trouble reading your Graduation Audit? Meet with your focused area or major advisor for assistance in reviewing your requirements.

Students will need to apply for graduation through their MyCSI in order to confer their degrees and partcipate in commencement.

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Informational Links

General Education (GE)
Each associate and technical degree will require general knowledge area completion, also known as "General Education". The goals may include Communication, English, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. Be sure to check your intended program's curriculum requirements for GE specifics.

Completion Plan/Checklists
The Advising Center has developed user-friendly degree completion plans/checklists, which reflect the most current CSI catalog content. Each completion plan/checklist contains your focused area advisor and major advisor's contact information, degree requirements, and relevant pre(co)-requisites.

Change of Major
Our office recommends discussing a change of major with the intended major advisor first, so you can find out if this major is right for you and if your completed courses meet program requirements. Students receiving financial aid and scholarships should consider discussing a change of major with the Financial Aid Office as well. Students can submit their change of major request online through MyCSI.

CSI Catalog
The Catalog contains official information regarding policies and procedures, admissions, program offerings, degree requirements, course descriptions, student life activities, etc.

Online Learning Survey
Are online classes right for you? Take this quick online self-assessment survey to determine if you are ready to learn online.

Computer Literacy
CSI recognizes the importance of a student's ability to use technology and be computer literate. Some degrees require computer literacy skill validation as part of the program entry process and graduation requirements.

University Programs in Twin Falls
There are oppportunities to further your education beyond your degree achievement at CSI. Boise State University, Idaho State University, Lewis-Clark State College, and University of Idaho offer bachelor, master, and doctorate level courses in Twin Falls that lead to the completion of various degrees.

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