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New Students

Is this your first semester attending CSI? Are you transferring from another institution, but have never attended CSI? Well you've come to the right area! The information below will familiarize you with general processes needed to get started on the right track. The steps are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Where Do I Start? 4. Registering for Classes
2. Student Responsibilities 5. Financing Your Education
3. Course Placement 6. Informational Links

Where do I start?

Becoming a CSI student is a simple process! Visit the Getting Started website for an outline of the steps necessary before your first semester.

The First Year Advisor booklet will introduce you to terminology and proven best practices in order to provide a smooth transition to college life.

Attend a S.O.A.R. (Student Orientation, Advising and Registration) session to receive information about the College and student life. The session provides an overview of what to expect and how to be prepared to succeed as a new student at CSI. You will need to meet with an advisor and preregister for classes before attending this session! Feel free to contact us with any questions (admissions@csi.edu or 208-732-6221). We look forward to seeing you!

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Student and Advisor Responsibilities

Your college educational planning is a shared responsibility between you and your major advisor. Doing your part will open doors of opportunity and develop your growth on campus.

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Course Placement

The College of Southern Idaho (CSI) is an open-door, equal opportunity institution. We welcome all students who can benefit from our educational programs and services regardless of age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, and/or disability. We are also committed to providing all eligible students access to appropriate educational offerings. To that end, the College accepts the following placement information in order to assist students with the selection of appropriate level courses in the educational planning process: ALEKS, WriteClass, ACT (American College Testing), SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), Alternative Credit, and Transfer Credit.

All students, degree and non-degree seeking, must submit placement information prior to enrolling in courses at the College of Southern Idaho that require math or English placement. The score results are used during the educational planning process to assist students in selecting appropriate level courses in which there is a reasonable probability that they will be successful. Certain courses and program-specific admissions criteria require specific course placement level attainment. Refer to the catalog curriculum and program description sections for details. Placement scores are valid for three years from the testing date.

The College provides testing facilities and you are encouraged to contact the Campus Testing Center for more information on placement test availability. You are strongly encouraged to discuss any placement questions relating to your college studies with your major advisor. The following link provides placement information accepted by CSI.

English Placement Flowchart

The ALEKS Placement test is used for math placement here at CSI. The ALEKS can be taken online. Please contact Jeff Gourley (Testing Center Coordinator) jgourley@csi.edu with your full name, CSI ID# and current email address and he will provide information on taking ALEKS online. After completing ALEKS students will be given learning modules if they do not reach the placement score they need to register for their class. ALEKS placement may be taken a total of 5 times without charge.

Write Class
The Write Class Placement survey is used for English placement here at CSI. The Write Class gathers information from students about previous writing experiences and gives the student a clear set of expectations for each of the composition courses offered at CSI. Write Class placement is offered through an online environment and does not require a proctor to be completed. To complete the Write Class survey click on the link provided.


The use of ACT and/or SAT scores may be acceptable for course placement purposes and could exempt you from taking ALEKS and/or Write Class placement exams.

ACT/SAT scores may also be used in conjunction with high school GPA to establish course placement in math as seen on the following chart.

HSGPA and ACT/SAT Placement Chart

Alternative Credit
CSI provides students several opportunities to receive undergraduate credit on the basis of satisfactory standardized testing performance or challenging courses in one or more of the areas listed at the Alternative Credit website. In some instances, alternative credit may be used for course placement purposes.

Transfer College and University Credits
Successful completion of transfer courses indicated on official transcripts from regionally accredited colleges and universities may be used for placement purposes. Be sure to send all official transcipts to the Office of the Registrar for transfer equivalency consideration. The following transfer guides are provided by colleges and universities as a reference.

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Registering for Classes

New students will preregister their courses using the Pre-Registration Form provided by their assigned advisor.  Current students entering their second semester or beyond are expected to register online using MyCSI. Remember the "2:1 Rule" when planning your schedule. Most college courses require at least two hours of outside study for every hour in class.

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Financing Your Education

CSI offers an affordable education that can be worked into all types of budgets. Learning how to manage your expenses will help stretch your dollar while attending college. The following link provides vital financial literacy information and planning tips.

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Informational Links

General Education (GE)
Each associate and technical degree will require general knowledge area completion, also known as "General Education". The goals may include Communication, English, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. Be sure to check your intended program's curriculum requirements for GE specifics.

Completion Plan/Checklists
The Advising Center has developed user-friendly degree completion plans/checklists, which reflect the most current CSI catalog content. Each completion plan/checklist contains your focused area advisor and major advisor's contact information, degree requirements, and relevant pre(co)-requisites.

CSI Catalog
The Catalog contains official information regarding policies and procedures, admissions, program offerings, degree requirements, course descriptions, student life activities, etc.

Online Learning Survey
Are online classes right for you? Take this quick online self-assessment survey to determine if you are ready to learn online.

Computer Literacy
CSI recognizes the importance of a student's ability to use technology and be computer literate. Some degrees require computer literacy skill validation as part of the program entry process and graduation requirements.

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